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Airedale Air Conditioning

Airedale is renowned for its two million pound state-of-the-art testing centre in Leeds, England which serves their mission statement “to provide integrated cooling solutions, differentiated through innovation”.

Engineering excellence has resulted in Airedale air conditioning being a market leader for integrated solutions in a range of consumer sectors including data centre cooling, commercial HVAC systems and industrial chiller units.

Using the latest technology, the Airedale air conditioning factory now manufactures climate control systems that can regulate temperature within the range of minus five to fifty five degrees Celsius.

Airedale Chillers and HVAC

Premiair supply and install the full range of Airedale air conditioning products to suit all process cooling and comfort applications. These include:

  • Airedale ceiling cassette air conditioners for comfort applications.
  • HVAC climate control units.
  • Air cooled condenser units.
  • Air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers.
  • Data centre cooling units such as the Airedale 33KW OnRak.
  • Precision air conditioning units available between 5KW (EcoTel) and 150KW (Smart Cool).

Airedale Quality Solutions

The success of Airedale air conditioning is evident by taking a glance at their client portfolio which includes high profile companies such as Yorkshire Building Society, Epson and Reuters.
The Yorkshire Building Society head office and call centre based in Bradford is four stories high with over three thousand square metres. Over a thousand people are kept cool in this office every day by an Airedale air conditioning system. This installation was implemented using just one Airedale chiller unit – the “Ultima FreeCool 500kW dual-circuit chiller” complete with integrated controls. With such efficient and powerful units as the Ultima, Airedale is certainly at the forefront of office air conditioning.

Reuters London data centre which houses hundreds of computers on three floors is now being kept cool by seventy close control units by Airedale. This data centre cooling solution is critical to keep the ambient temperatures low enough for the computers to function properly. This was a challenging project for Airedale because they had to refurbish an existing solution, which could not be shut down and replaced because the computers had to keep running. The Airedale data centre cooling solution was successfully installed with no downtime.

The Epson factory in Telford, Shropshire is kept at a precise temperature of twenty two degrees Celsius by an Airedale air conditioning system. This consistent temperature is required for the manufacturing process to remain operating in optimum condition. The Epson clean rooms also rely on a perfectly clean and dust-free environment so Airedale had to ensure the highest standard of air quality. In a large factory with over a thousand workers, this air conditioning installation has been designed and implemented to operate with energy efficiency and cool reliability.

Premiair have years of experience with the installation, refurbishment (retrofit) and maintenance of Airedale chillers and air conditioning systems. Contact our friendly team of professionals and find an Airedale solution that suits your home or business today.